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Welcome to ReR Megacorp

Welcome to the NEW ReR Online Catalogue, an artist led service that gathers and distributes music on the basis of excellence, innovation, scarcity and independence.

For newcomers, a look through our own label releases will give a good picture of where our sympathies lie. Other collected and recommended titles are organized alphabetically, and also collected into separately accessible specialist categories, for convenience.

You can now listen to all the label titles and buy them as downloads Ė but please note that the link takes you to the ReR download site which has a separate checkout. You can also buy the ReR titles as physical CDs there. Or listen and return here.

This site is meant to be a resource, not just a specialist record supply service, so please do let us know how it could be improved. Thanks!

Chris Cutler

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Latest News


KOVAC, BORIS/New Ritual Group: The Path

Whatís remarkable about Boris is that he has carved out a musical form that transcends genre or even musical content; itís a music of depth and feeling; and thatís what you hear beyond the notes or style. And he has gathered, over time, musicians who can realize that quality. This, for Boris, is a s... more »

Code: ReRBK3
Price: £12.50

DOWNES, BOB: Itís a Mystery

Bob Downes was a name youíd see everywhere in the late Ď60s/early Ď70s Ė always up to his neck in something interesting and experimental. Last year I tracked down a composition of his for Alphorns for the Probes series (it will be in No.22) and a few months later he sent me an unreleased recording o... more »

Price: £12.50